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Modern app which really helps !

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IntisTele is a wide-scale system which can provide answer for different issues. This tool helps to transfer message effortlessly.

Main part

Due to the quick flow of our life and especially willing to save time - a vast majority of people prefer bulk texting because that way of communication is the quickest and the most comfortable for modern people. This understandable and well-known system is created to make society to reach their purposes.

Pros and Cons

Using SMS has a lot of advantages. For example:

Quality & price. It is useful to know the limit and top up the balance judging from your budget. The quality of send messages will be satisfactory.

Among minuses of such kind of communication could be the short of guarantees, that written SMS will be delivered to the addressee.

The mean time of bulk texting distribution compiles from 20 seconds to 3 minutes (if only area you are located has network coverage).

Solutions by department

SMS software is a perfect solution for marketers. It is a choice for all.

Bulk texting system considered to be a profitable instrument to achieve each of marketing aims. For instance:

Easy automation and optimization of  timetable in campaigns. You will not miss the colleagues` birthday because of this SMS software.

SMS software could be implemented in the department`s everyday routine. SMS could help:

web developers are able to integrate Intis Telecommunication API gateway.

By virtue of the option you are able to deliver big amount of  messages, send HRL requests.

Unlimited testing access to IntisTele messages software allows debugging your exclusive program solutions.

It is easy to start with IntisTele SDK for PHP.

Intis Telecommunication plugins and widgets are created for smoothing integration of most major CMS (Drupal).

SMS commands are good for sysadmins because they can establish distant administration and server management.

Alert timely concerning the alerts.

Business owners also are able to systematize the employees' timetable owing to the SMS software. Moreover, there are a lot of solutions prepared for business men and women.

Define tasks for your coworkers.

You can organize your everyday corporate routine with the help of SMS.

Get response from customers per bulk texts.

IntisTele service is free for everyone. On the website it is possible to get acquainted recognizable web interface, payment options that matches every wallet and a very captivating affiliate program. With the help of SMS software:

Industries and SMS solutions

The SMS software solution is suitable for financial business. Bulk texting system could be helpful for solving a issues of different spheres in various industries.

With bulk texting solutions financial organizations can provide the best service for the customers.

It is a excellent solution for trading. With SMS system exists an alternative to establish notifications concerning special sales.

SMS software is possible to be used in the beauty industry. It can be applied in gyms.

This message will tell users about important events in the beauty sphere.

This software considered to be the best solution boost travel and transport services and make clients enjoy the best adventure during thr journeys.

Bulk texting could be helpful for startups and IT. This application is fundamental for SaaS.

Message alert to serve security. It is applicable for supplying companies.

SMS software prices

It is easy to top up your balance and decide the sum of money which you are ready to provide. IntisTele is able offer numerous approached to top up the balance. For example, Paypal.

Application Programming Interface

API is a mode, with the help of which one device can to connect with the other one. The program was created for mixing different apps in one complex.

With the help of Application programming interface you are free to request for balance

It can be integrated to CRM.

SMS guidelines

SMS system conclusions

Sending bulk texting about events could become the best decision for your business. It will improve your profit. That is why messages are widely spread between service providers.

Information sources: https://www.intistele.com/


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